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Enjoy life in Spain without worries. We propose a customized insurance, regardless if you are the owner or a tenant, if it is a villa, bungalow or an apartment. We help you to establish an insurance that suits you. 

Every insurance proposition only makes sense when it covers your specific demands, and we will help you to get the insurance that suits your needs.

House or apartment:

A regular fire or home insurance covers you for damage to your property caused by fire, lightning, storm, flood and glass breakage. We offer a wide range of coverage and services. Zurich Insurance offers assistance 24 to 24, and this for 365 days a year.

Here are a few non-restrictive examples: If a lightning strike destroys your devices, they will be replaced. Roof tiles blown off during a storm, new tiles will be fitted. If there is a leak in the water pipes of your house this will be identified, acknowledged and repaired. A crack in your window? This will be replaced. 


With home insurance you can protect all your important possessions against fire, flood and theft. We propose the policy according to your personal needs and according to the value of the insured goods. It is in your own interest to be adequately covered in case of fire, water damage or theft in order to count on a full refund of your property. 


Family Insurance. If you or someone in your family accidentally causes damage to a third party, the family insurance ensures that you are protected against the financial consequences caused by your civil liability.

Marbella Maison handles insurance administration for Finanzur Consulting SL, agent for Zurich insurance Company.


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